Zooming after game-end

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Zooming after game-end

Post by filbo » Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:15 am on Linux:

After the game has ended, RnD is still running the game engine; I speed it up to top speed to watch the remaining spaceships & bugs fight it out with the swarming amoeba... and I shrink the window to shove it in a corner that won't overlap my browser & terminal windows.

While adjusting the zoom, I suddenly notice that the window titlebar still says "100%" no matter what level of zoom it's actually at. It doesn't change until I satisfy the "overwrite tape y/n" question.

While playing with that I also noticed: suppose the window is at normal "100%" zoom, but the wrong shape. Choosing "100%" doesn't fix it. To reproduce:

0. Not in full-screen mode,
1. Setup > Graphics > 100%
2. (still in Setup -> Graphics) Drag the right side of the window, stretching it horizontally while not changing vertical size
3. Choose "100%" again -- nothing happens
4. Choose "90%", window snaps back to normal aspect ratio
5. Choose "100%", window is back to normal size & ratio

While playing with that, I noticed:

1. Choose "90%"
2. Double-click on titlebar; mine now shows "129%" (1366x768 craptop screen)
3. Double-click again
4. Titlebar now shows "89%"
5. Repeatable for 70-80-90-110-120%
6. Whatever wrong number it is, shows up in the list of choices on the zoom menu (this is correct)
7. For each size I tried, choosing the right number (e.g. "80%" when "79%" was current) did not change the window borders at all; I couldn't tell if it changed any of the graphics inside the window

Summary of bugs mentioned:

B1. Title bar doesn't reflect zoom changes in some game modes
B2. Choosing "100%" doesn't fix aspect ratio when already at 100% due to smaller dimension
B3. Double-click "maximize window", double-click "restore window", may show 1% less in titlebar

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