Rocks'n'Diamonds 2.1.0 released!

Most important changes since release version 2.0.1:

  • native Mac OS X port (finally!)
  • graphics, sounds and music now fully configurable
  • added support for TrueColor PCX graphics files
  • added support for 16 bit WAV sound files
  • enhanced sound system (especially regarding stereo and loop sounds)
  • “quick save” and “quick load” functions with shortcut key
  • single-step playing mode (automatic pause after each step)
  • behaviour of “Escape” key in level editor now more intuitive
  • some little (game and compilation) bugs fixed
  • new Boulder Dash style “snap-pushing”
  • memory leak in image loading code fixed
  • several excellent new levels from other players:
    • Conor Mancone
    • Gavin Davidson
    • Jerome Kunegis
    • Rüdiger Schäfer
    • Flyboy: level group “Cops and Robbers” with own graphics set