The Rocks’n’Diamonds Manual (partially outdated)

This manual was created in 2006 by Francesco S. Carta for version 3.2.2 of Rocks’n’Diamonds. It contains the following four parts, which are also accessible from the start page of the manual.

  • The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    This part hopefully answers most questions that are asked again and again in the forum and by personal mail (including the famous “How does snapping work?” question).

  • The Program Manual
    This main part describes the installation of the game, the menu structure (explaining all options in the setup menu), the tape recorder, where your levels are stored and how to create your own level sets.

  • The Elements Reference
    This is a description of most game elements and how they interact with other elements, grouped by element type. In many cases this is more helpful than the single element descriptions in the level editor.

  • The Editor Tutorial
    This part describes all editor “drawing” functions and explains how to edit element properties, including custom elements, which make it possible to create completely new game elements with unique features.

Other documentation (outdated)

  • README file (included in the package)