Mirror Magic


  • arcade style game for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android in the tradition of:

    • “Deflektor” (C 64)
    • “Mindbender” (Amiga)


  • this is a port of a game I wrote for the Amiga in 1989
  • classic Amiga style fullscreen graphics, stereo sounds and MOD music
  • classic levels to play “Deflektor” and “Mindbender”, including solutions
  • built-in level editor to easily create your own level sets
  • graphics, sounds and music can be completely replaced by custom artwork
  • source code released under the GNU General Public License
  • source code available in the package and from Git repository
  • should compile on any platform supported by SDL/SDL2 library
  • packages available for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android


Release packages

Mirror Magic 3.0.0 Linux tar.gz
Mirror Magic 3.0.0 Mac dmg
Mirror Magic 3.0.0 Windows (installer) exe
Mirror Magic 3.0.0 Windows (plain zip) zip
Mirror Magic 3.0.0 Android apk

The following outdated versions are still available for older systems:

Mirror Magic 2.0.2 AmigaOS 4.0 / PPC lha more info
Mirror Magic 2.0.2 DOS zip  


(Screenshots are from release version 1.3)

Notes about installing the game or compiling from source

For details regarding installation of the game on Linux, Mac, Windows or Android systems (including the Amazon Fire TV) and for compiling the game from source code, please refer to the corresponding notes on the download page for Rocks’n’Diamonds.