Release packages

Rocks’n’Diamonds Linux tar.gz
Rocks’n’Diamonds Mac dmg
Rocks’n’Diamonds Windows (64-bit installer) exe
Rocks’n’Diamonds Windows (64-bit plain zip) zip
Rocks’n’Diamonds Windows (32-bit installer) exe
Rocks’n’Diamonds Windows (32-bit plain zip) zip
Rocks’n’Diamonds Android apk

The following “unofficial” port is not directly supported:

Rocks’n’Diamonds iOS App Store more info

The following outdated versions are still available for older systems:

Rocks’n’Diamonds Mac (PowerPC) dmg
Rocks’n’Diamonds 3.1.0 DOS zip

Development version

The latest development version of the Rocks’n’Diamonds source code is available from the Git repository:

git clone

Note for Mac users

If you use an older Mac with PowerPC CPU (which means that you are running “Snow Leopard” or earlier versions of Mac OS X), use the “Mac / PPC” version. (Starting with version, there will be no downloads available anymore for PowerPC Macs.)

Note for Windows users

The easiest way to install Rocks’n’Diamonds on Windows is by using the installer version. If you prefer to do things manually (and run the game from a single folder that you can put wherever you want), download the “plain zip” archive, open it and drag-and-drop the program folder to the desktop (or any other location on your system you like) – although Windows supports browsing through zip archives, the game cannot be run directly from within a zip archive.

Note for Linux users

The above download package for Linux contains a binary that should work on most Linux systems.

Note for Android users

To install the game from the Android package, you have to allow installing APK packages from unknown sources in your systems security settings.

Note for Amazon Fire TV users

The easiest way to install the game on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick is by first installing it on an Android tablet or phone and then use the Android app “Apps2Fire” from the Google Play store to transfer the game to the Fire TV. You also have to prepare your Fire TV first in the Fire TV’s system settings (similar to what you had to do on your Android device) to be able to install the APK package.

For a nice and detailed description, please see the section “Sideloading from Your Android Device” of this very good article on “How-To Geek” that explains all required steps in detail.

Compiling from source

To rebuild the game from source code, or to build the game for a different platform, just get the latest version of the SDL library together with the additional libraries SDL_image, SDL_mixer and SDL_net and recompile the game from the source code (which is included in all download packages or from the Git repository).

After you have extracted the archive, type “make” in the resulting directory, which should check your SDL version and compile the game.