Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.0.0 released!

Most important changes since last release version 2.1.1:

  • final version bumped to 3.0.0 due to the massive changes
  • graphics and sounds now completely and dynamically customizable
  • element animation length, speed and mode now freely configurable
  • 128 custom elements with lots of configurable element properties
  • advanced custom element settings for powerful, self-created elements
  • automatic tape playing function for game engine and level testing
  • added support for stereo WAV sound files
  • added support for background images for all menu screens
  • added some example levels showing how to create custom artwork
  • fixed Supaplex gravity tubes
  • fixed very nasty bug in SDL_image (and X11) PCX loading routine
  • fixed some very nasty bugs in bitmap zoom routine
  • fixed very nasty bug in level/artwork loading routine

  • added new contributed levels and artwork from the following players:

    in the section “Contributions - 2002”:

    • Abby King (14 levels)
    • Alan Bond (30 levels, all solvable, BD style artwork set)
    • David Hutchinson (25 levels, artwork set)
    • Equinox Tetrachloride (50 levels + 100 levels, all solvable)
    • Sylvan Hancock (39 levels)

    in the section “Contributions - 2003”:

    • Andreas Buschbeck (85 levels, all solvable, complete artwork set)
    • Edward Leuf (10 levels, all solvable, artwork set)
    • Emanuel Schmieg (22 levels, all solvable, complete artwork set)
    • Gavin Davidson (47 levels)
    • Jorge Jordan (17 levels)
    • Rafael Gatti (17 levels)
    • Randy Johannessen (17 levels)
    • Richard Valvona (3 levels)
    • Sam Bateman (35 levels)
  • great new levels with full artwork are now available from:

    • Juergen Bonhagen (with complete artwork set)
      Download now!

    • Andreas Buschbeck (with complete artwork set) Download now!

      Update: Now with a nice custom elements tutorial (in German)!