Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.0.6 released!

Most important changes since last release version 3.0.5:

  • fixed bug when initializing font graphic structure
  • fixed bug with animation mode “pingpong” when using only 1 frame
  • fixed bug with extended change target introduced in 3.0.5
  • fixed bug where passing over moving element doubles player speed
  • fixed bug with elements continuing to move into push direction
  • fixed bug with duplicated player when dropping bomb with shield on
  • fixed switching bug (resetting flag when not switching but not idle)
  • fixed element tokens for certain file elements with “.active” etc.
  • added “switching” event for custom elements (“pressing” only once)
  • added support for MP3 music for SDL version through SMPEG library

  • updated: The artwork and level set of Juergen Bonhagen.
    For screenshots and downloads, visit his R’n’D site: