Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.0.7 released!

Most important changes since last release version 3.0.6:

  • fixed incorrectly displayed animation for attacking dragon
  • fixed bug with not setting initial gravity for each new game
  • fixed bug with teleportation of player by custom element change
  • fixed bug with player not getting smashed by rock sometimes
  • fixed serious bug in code for delayed element pushing
  • fixed little bug in animation frame selection for pushed elements
  • fixed bug when pushing element that can move away to the side
  • fixed tape recording when player is created from CE element change
  • fixed player animation frame reset for identical animations
  • unavailable setup options now marked as “n/a” instead of “off”
  • prevent “extended” changed elements from delay change in same frame
  • speed-up of reading config file for verbose output
  • added configuration option for opening and closing Supaplex exit
  • added configuration option for moving up/down animation for Murphy
  • added animation for “turning” action (for elements with move delay)
  • added turning animations for bug, spaceship and sniksnak