Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.1.0 released!

Most important changes since last release version 3.0.8:

  • fixed obvious bug with wrong “Murphy” graphics (when digging etc.)
  • fixed a lot of Emerald Mine and Supaplex game engine emulation bugs
  • re-converted Emerald Mine and Supaplex levels to apply engine fixes
  • changed default snap/drop keys from left/right Shift to Control keys
  • added level loader for loading native Emerald Mine levels
  • added level loader for loading native Supaplex packed levels
  • added group elements for multiple matches and random element creation
  • added elements that can be digged or left behind by custom elements
  • added element “Sokoban field with player” missing for Sokoban levels
  • added custom element features to allow building of teleporters
  • added option to use step limit instead of time limit for level
  • added pressing “space” key as valid action to select menu options
  • added clipboard (cut and paste buttons) for custom and group elements
  • added shortcut to dump brush (type “:DB” in editor) for use in forum
  • added network multiplayer code for Windows (still only command line)
  • replaced old tutorial level set with far better one by Niko Böhm
  • “contributions” levels now separate package to make base set smaller
  • too many bugfixes and changes to list them all here (see ChangeLog)