Launch of the Final Rocks'n'Diamonds Web Forum!

After yesterday’s deletion of our Web Forum, I won’t trust any free (neither “free” as in “free beer”, nor “free” as in “free speech”, but “free” as in “you get what you pay for” :-( ) web forum hosting company anymore.

Therefore, I have now installed phpBB, which is the current “state of the art” in forum software. It is totally free, open source, fast and comes with a lot of features. Among other things, this means: No annoying advertisements anymore. No “too many connections” anymore. No waiting for slow servers anymore.

I will try to make all functionality from the old forum also available in the new one soon, especially that marvellous “level sketch” feature. Currently, the new forum looks still a bit simple and generic, but this will change in the future. I hope that all active and all occasional members of the old forum will soon meet again in this new forum, so that the R’n’D community will soon be reunited again. The new forum is hosted directly on this web server and can’t be deleted by a hostile provider anymore. This forum is here to stay.

Join the Final Rocks’n’Diamonds Web Forum now! :-)