Jürgen Bonhagen's R'n'D level package updated!

As one of the absolute highlights of this year’s level contributions to R’n’D (and on time for Christmas :-) ), Jürgen Bonhagen has just finished his new level package!

It contains as many as six great level sets, some of them brand-new:

  • JUE 1 Edition (40 levels)
  • Bug Machine (one-level set)
  • Game Inside (one-level set)
  • R&D West (10 NEW levels)
  • R&D Puzznic (30 NEW levels)
  • Puzzle Mix (60 NEW levels)

Puzzle Mix, the biggest set of Jürgen’s new package, contains the following three sub-sets: “Boulder Dash Only” with 30 classic, Boulder Dash style levels, “Boulder Dash Soko” with 10 levels combining features known from Boulder Dash and Sokoban, and finally “BD - JUE”, which contains 20 levels featuring various CE (custom element) techniques to introduce new game concepts like elevators.

R&D Puzznic offers 30 new (CE based) levels that use the game concept of the game “Puzznic”: Elements of the same kind disappear if they touch each other. The obvious target is to clear away all Puzznic elements. Once you got the idea, you will quickly be addicted to this simplistic and beautiful puzzle game!

R&D West was once planned as part of a larger project by Alan Bond and Jürgen Bonhagen that never came to life. Nevertheless, the 10 levels of this great set with lots of custom elements and custom artwork are playable very well! The hero appears with a time machine in the Wild West, has to fight against evil cowboys and has to collect gold nuggets to solve the level. Even without any player action, there is a lot of action like battles between the cowboys and the indians (but it seems that also the cowboys among themselves have a lot of fun killing each other ;-) ).

Although this set has been developed in summer 2004, it contains many things that never happened before in R’n’D level design! The graphics of the hero, the indians and the cowboys are based on beautiful 3D models, which were designed, animated and rendered by Alan Bond.

A full description of all level sets, a lot of screenshots and of course the download itself are available now from Jürgen’s R’n’D site! (Also available from the “Levels & Artwork” section.)

And not to forget: Merry Christmas to all fans of Rocks’n’Diamonds! :-)