Official launch of "Martijn's Boulder Dash Fan Site"

Yesterday, Martijn Mooij has officially launched a new web site for all fans of Boulder Dash and its various clones: Martijn’s Boulder Dash Fan Site

This site features a great variety of all stuff that fans of Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine or Supaplex (or Rocks’n’Diamonds :-) ) could be interested in: Information about the history of Boulder Dash and Emerald Mine, a large list of clones (both free and commercial ones, for various platforms and operating systems), extra pages with more details on popular clones like RoX, and lots of extra fan stuff like game music (original and remixes), box cover scans, sounds and graphics.

Of course, you will also find a lot of things for Rocks’n’Diamonds: A great number of level sets (including levels originally released at Zomis’ R’n’D Files Archive that were repackaged by Martijn for easy use in R’n’D), graphics, sounds and music, and tools and utilities around Rocks’n’Diamonds by Alan Bond and Simon Forsberg.

I can highly recommend browsing around at this new site – if you like Rocks’n’Diamonds, you will discover a lot of exciting and entertaining new things there! So, check it out: