ConfEdit 1.0.0 released!

Ever tried to create such fantastic level sets for Rocks’n’Diamonds with new graphics and sounds by yourself, but always had trouble and problems editing all those configuration files to define artwork with a text editor? Here’s the solution (for Windows users): ConfEdit by Alan Bond!

ConfEdit is the ultimate swiss army knife for all things related to creating and modifying Rocks’n’Diamonds’ level sets, artwork files and configuration files, but without most of the trouble you may have had with the “traditional” method of using a text editor like “Emacs” or “Notepad”! It’s the secret weapon that was used behind the scenes for the creation of famous level sets like Snake Bite – now everybody can use this powerful tool for his or her own level set creations!

You can find screenshots and a detailed description of all features of ConfEdit (including advanced features like an internal BASIC language for automating complex tasks) on the newly added Tools & Utilities section! For all questions regarding ConfEdit, directly contact Alan Bond using his mail address from that page, or start a thread in the help section of the web forum.

Download ConfEdit 1.0.0 directly or from the Tools & Utilities section!

Important update: If you encounter ConfEdit crashing on your machine (especially if you do not use an English version of Windows), please read the special instructions at the end of the Tools & Utilities section!