Emerald Mine Club level collection 2.0.0 released!

After many years of work, which involved collecting of old floppy disk images, writing level and artwork converters and the integration of a completely new, highly compatible game engine, the result is finally available now: A total rework of the already existing, huge Emerald Mine Club level collection! The main intention was to try as hard as possible to keep the spirit of the original game play, original graphics (ECS or AGA) and original sounds and music of this series of games for the classic Amiga computer.

The resulting level collection released today contains 50337 single levels in 564 level sets – probably more than anybody could play in a life. ;-) But if you played these games on your Amiga in the past, it is most likely that you will find nearly all EMC disks you played in this collection for a nostalgic experience. In any case, you will find many very good level sets with their original graphics! If you never played these games, you will find that the graphics have a lower resolution than the normal R’n’D graphics. For those who prefer to play these level sets with higher quality graphics, it is planned to release an artwork specifically created for the EMC level collection in the future.

This collection also contains some sets which re-use levels from other sets of the same collection, in a different combination or with different artwork (examples are the “Recycled Mines” or the “PacMine Deluxe” level sets) as an early form of “level set mash-ups”, so don’t be surprised to find some levels more than once in this collection. (In fact, the overall number of 50337 single levels contains “only” 41657 unique levels.) To make life easier for those who don’t want to dig through all those hundreds of level sets, it is planned to release a “best of” selection of those level sets which you think should belong to such a set – therefore, please let me know which sets you would like to see in such a compilation!

Even though this level collection is quite complete, there are still a few EMC disks that are missing in this package. As far as I know, only the following disks are missing now:

  • Aladdin Mine 1 - 4
  • Demo Mine V6
  • Den Mine 13
  • Down Under Mine 20
  • (Into The) Dusty Mine 1 + 2
  • Einstein Mine 23
  • Emerald Dash 6
  • RuppelMine 7
  • Super Freak Professional
  • Tough & Deadly

If you should have them around or find them on the web, I would be happy to add them to this collection and close the last gaps. :-)

Important note: Due to a level time bug in version 3.2.0 that affects the EMC levels, you should update Rocks’n’Diamonds to the new version 3.2.1 (released yesterday) to play the EMC levels!

This new level collection package is available now at the “Levels & Artwork” section!