"Zelda II" by Alan Bond released!

The new one-level set “Zelda II”, created by Alan Bond, is a total remake of “Zelda” that was released about one year ago. It is quite fascinating to see what can be created by clever use of ordinary custom elements with (extraordinary) custom artwork! “Zelda II” looks and feels like a completely different kind of game and contains techniques that were thought to be impossible using the existing possibilities of R’n’D level and artwork design! This is especially true for the inventory system, which allows collecting and changing between different weapons which all have their own ammunition. Another outstanding feature are dozens of people and creatures to “talk” to, using a special message system that circumvents the limited number of message envelopes to give valuable hints that may be needed to solve the game. Further enhancements were done to the shooting and combat system and also to the health system that works in true RPG fashion now. All these features, combined with impressive graphics, sounds and music, result in about three hours of challenging game play that will let you forget that it’s all just a single R’n’D level!

To play “Zelda II”, the latest version 3.2.4 of Rocks’n’Diamonds is required, which can be downloaded from the Download section.

“Zelda II” is now available from the “Levels & Artwork” section!