Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This new version of R’n’D contains several new, smaller features and will be needed as the base for upcoming new and updated level sets; in particular, there will be an update to the EMC level collection soon which will use some of the new features mentioned below. The new version also fixes some program bugs, so it is recommended to upgrade to the new version. (For details about the current version number and the new versioning scheme, please read the corresponding pre-release announcement in the R’n’D forum.)

Most important changes since last release version 3.2.4:

  • fixed crash bug when scrolling with cursor keys in editor
  • fixed X11 crash bug when scaling images with width/height less than 32
  • fixed X11 crash bug when blitting masked title screens over background
  • fixed growing steel wall to also leave behind steel wall
  • fixed custom element change conditions where a player element is used
  • fixed bug with player relocation while the player switches an element
  • fixed problems with re-mapping players on playfield to input devices
  • fixed wrong behaviour of player option “no centering when relocating”
  • added condition “deadly when " for custom elements
  • added possibility to reanimate player immediately after his death
  • added “element used as action parameter” to element change actions
  • added optional initial inventory for players (pre-collected elements)
  • added change page actions “set player inventory” and “set CE artwork”
  • added switch for EM style dynamite “[ ] explodes with chain reaction”
  • moved “level settings” and “editor settings” to two tabbed screens
  • added level setting to start a level with always the same random seed
  • added CE action “set random seed” to re-initialize random seed in game

For details, see the ChangeLog file (also included in the package).

Now available from the Download section!