Emerald Mine Club level collection 2.1.0 released!

For all fans of the Emerald Mine Club level collection, there is an update available that adds the following 13 new EMC disks (and updates many of the existing disks):

  • Bond Mine 17.5 - Xmas Mine 2
  • Crystal Caverns 4 (No. 21)
  • Den Mine 13
  • Down Under Mine 20
  • Einstein Mine 23
  • Emerald Dash 6
  • Into Aladdin’s Caves 3
  • Into The Dusty Mines 2
  • Ruppelmine 7
  • Snel Mine 1 (Almathera)
  • Super Freak Mine Prof
  • Tough and Deadly Mine
  • Tutorial 1 NL

All in all, the collection now contains 50962 levels in 576 sets (with 43511 unique levels). With this update, the EMC collection seems to be complete now, containing all EMC disks that were ever made publicly available.

As an addition to the already existing graphical title screens of many EMC disks, text messages were added to many sets that were contained on the original EMC disks (displayed as title messages just as it looked like when booting those disks on the Amiga), which contain hints, credits or correction notes.

For best results, use the latest R’n’D version for playing the EMC level collection!

The updated level collection package is available here or at the “Levels & Artwork” section!