Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This version finally contains the new native Supaplex game engine to play all original Supaplex levels exactly as they played in the classic game. This new game engine is fully compatible with the original game, including all recorded demos as well as all tricks and bugs of the original game engine. It is based on the engine code of the game Megaplex, which itself is an exact clone of Supaplex, but the game engine in R’n’D is a bit more compatible than Megaplex regarding special levels that use dirty memory tricks that only worked in the original DOS version of Supaplex so far.

Most important changes since last release version

  • added native Supaplex game engine
  • added support for native Supaplex levels in MPX level file format
  • added support for native Sokoban levels in XSB level file format
  • added saving read-only levels from editor into personal level set
  • added configurable key shortcuts for the tape recorder buttons
  • fixed potential crash bug in quickload and quicksave functionality
  • fixed some bugs with single step mode (and added it to native engines)

For details, see the ChangeLog file (also included in the package).

Now available from the Download section!