Special edition "R'n'D jue" version released!

After the update of Rocks’n’Diamonds to version, “R’n’D jue” is now also updated to the same latest version of the game engine – but this is not the only change: This brand new version of “R’n’D jue” contains a great new Sokoban level collection with 1000 hand-selected levels in 19 level sets, created by 6 different authors, ranging in difficulty from easy to medium, with no level having more than six boxes, therefore being well-suited also for beginners and makes it the perfect casual game to play after lunch! :-) As an additional stunning new feature, the new Sokoban set also offers several different graphical skins that can be selected and changed at any time while playing the game!

More information and download links can be found here:

Have fun!