Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

Even though the last version of Rocks’n’Diamonds was released more than three years ago, this new version does not contain that many changes. The most interesting feature for Mac users is probably that R’n’D finally supports newer Macs (with “newer” as in “not historic”). So if you have a Mac with Mac OS X “Lion”, “Mountain Lion” or “Mavericks”, Rocks’n’Diamonds will finally run on your system.

Most important changes since last release version

  • added native package for Macs with intel CPUs
  • added support for compiling on 64-bit systems
  • added alternative game mode for playing with half size playfield tiles
  • added level selection screen (when clicking on main menu level number)
  • added displaying if level was played or solved on level selection screen
  • improved graphics performance for scrolling in Mac OS X version
  • improved graphics performance for native Supaplex game engine
  • improved single step mode in R’n’D, EM and SP engines
  • fixed two game engine bugs in Supaplex game engine
  • fixed displaying wrong Supaplex time (was running too fast before)
  • fixed invisible text in envelope config in level editor

For details, see the ChangeLog file (also included in the package).

Now available from the Download section!