New web site design launched!

As this web site was created in the last century (in November 1998, to be precise), it’s probably time for a little redesign after those ~18 years, especially as the old version did not work well on tablets and smartphones. So after some fiddling around with current HTML and CSS (the old site was built with historic HTML 3.2, which was already a bit outdated at the time of the site’s creation), this redesign should work reasonably well with most systems and devices around in 2016 (just as Rocks’n’Diamonds itself has always tried to support most systems and devices in the past decades).

I’ve used Jekyll to rebuild the site, which was quite some fun after all. (The old site used a similar approach I wrote in Perl, which had less features, but was a lot faster than this Ruby stuff.)

That said, the next redesign of this site, keeping my time schedule, should then be around November 2034. ;-)

The next candidate that should be updated to support responsive web design is the Rocks’n’Diamonds web forum now, I suppose…