Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This release is mainly a bugfix release, but also contains the following changes and additions:

  • fixed several bugs and problems with level template handling in the level editor
  • fixed several problems with the undo/redo buttons under certain conditions
  • fixed various other small and medium bugs (see commit history for details)
  • improved menu screens navigation and level selection using the keyboard
  • added option to use pre-defined level template for newly created levels
  • added level template settings to editor/level configuration screen in editor
  • added setup option to show/hide classic elements in the editor palette
  • added setup option to enable/disable auto-incrementing solved levels
  • added headless mode (no window) for automated tape tests using ‘autotest’
  • improved progress and summary output for automatic tape replay / testing

The most relevant new feature in this release is probably the cleanup of the handling of level templates in the level editor. Using templates for custom elements is more robust now – accidentally overwriting hours of work in the level editor should now be much less likely than it was before.

A small, but very useful new feature is the extension of using level templates not only for custom elements, but for the whole level when creating new levels in a level set, without having to manually copy around level files. Just create and save a level as template, and it will be used as the default level for all new (not yet created) levels in the set, making it very easy to re-use basic level settings like level size or element properties (be it classic or custom elements).

Last but not least, the new “headless” mode for automatic tape testing makes testing all levels of a set against existing solution tapes not only a bit faster by not using window and graphics, but also allows for scripting or pure command line execution. The resulting missing progress information in the game window was added as extended progress and summary information to the console output when using automatic replay or testing of level solution tapes.

Important update for Windows users (2017-03-21): The original game packages were missing an image file (RocksCE.png), so attempting to start the game resulted in an error. The Windows version has been fixed and re-packaged, and is ready for re-download.

Now available for download!