Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This release is a bugfix release, which mainly fixes the following bugs:

  • added workaround for broken MIDI volume behaviour for Windows platform
  • fixed bug with fading menu music on ‘start game’ if game music is the same
  • fixed bug with cheat codes not working anymore after changing player name
  • fixed memory fragmentation by repeated creation of differently sized bitmaps
  • fixed warnings on Windows complaining about program not responding
  • fixed cheat for loading solution tape to quietly remove inserted tape
  • fixed cheat for loading solution tape for Supaplex style levels with demo
  • fixed bug which could cause saving tapes with a wrong level number filename
  • fixed loading tapes that exceed the maximum allowed tape size
  • fixed potential off-by-one buffer overflow bug when recording tapes
  • fixed many more bugs (that are all listed on

Now available for download!