Mirror Magic 3.0.0 released!

After 15 long years (and a little bit too late for easter), there’s finally a new major release version of Mirror Magic available! There are not many new features and changes to the game itself, as the main goal of this release is to keep the game playable on modern systems, and there is finally also support for Mac and Android systems.

This was all done by integrating the classic Mirror Magic game engine into the game Rocks’n’Diamonds as a new custom game engine, therefore using R’n’D as the new technical platform for this and any future release. This new major release of Mirror Magic is also a great example of how Rocks’n’Diamonds can be configured and customized to run as a different, stand-alone game (even though it is in fact just R’n’D with different levels and changed default artwork).

Besides support for new platforms, Mirror Magic now also offers new features already known from R’n’D like scalable window size and fullscreen mode, and solution tapes were added to the included level sets “Deflektor” and “Mindbender”.

Important update for Windows users (2018-04-11): The original 3.0.0 game packages for Windows contained a wrong executable that does not include a fix for a bug that occurs when playing levels of the set “Deflektor” using a joystick or the keyboard. The Windows packages have been fixed and can be downloaded again.

Now available on the Mirror Magic page!