Special edition "R'n'D jue II" released!

Twelve years after the initial release of the “R’n’D jue” special edition (and nine years after the last update), Jürgen Bonhagen proudly presents “R’n’D jue II”, which has been completely rebuild and redesigned, with lots of stunning new features!

The new HD screen resolution, together with completely redesigned graphics (including double-sized game graphics), is probably the most striking new feature.

The menu screens of R’n’D jue II have been filled with lots of new content and animations, an integrated help system, interactive switches for various new functionality and much more!

The integrated level editor has been completely redesigned, and lots of new levels with puzzle challenges are waiting to be solved.

R’n’D jue II and Rocks’n’Diamonds can be installed side by side, which makes it easy to play different kind of level sets in a different graphical environment!

R’n’D jue II for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available for download from Jürgen Bonhagen’s web site in English and in German! You can also find more screenshots and game videos there!