Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

Happy new year! The new year brings a new feature release which is mainly useful for players of the Android version, as it adds support for Android 10 and new overlay touch buttons for the most frequently used game buttons. The new version also adds a few other new features and bug fixes.

Android version:

  • added support for Android 9 and 10
  • fixed potential crash bug in Android version when rotating device
  • added overlay touch buttons for door request dialog
  • added overlay touch buttons for in-game “stop” and “pause” buttons
  • added overlay touch buttons for virtual buttons configuration
  • added showing overlay touch buttons only if touch screen is really used
  • added Android project files to build Android version

Global animations:

  • added using new screen fading option “.auto_delay_unit” to use video frames
  • fixed handling global animation click events

Level editor:

  • added support for undo/redo using Ctrl-z/Ctrl-Shift-z in level editor

Bug fixes:

  • fixed crash bug when loading graphics sets with bad animation definitions
  • fixed bug in editor with custom elements using graphic of other element
  • fixed sporadic problems when playing MP3 files on Windows

Now available on the download page!