Special edition "R'n'D jue II" updated!

An update for the “R’n’D jue II” special edition is available to address stability issues with the previous version when running on Windows. Due to heavy use of custom artwork in “R’n’D jue II” (graphics and animations in HD resolution plus a lot of sounds and music), it was possible to run out of memory (especially when also using game engine snapshots, which also use quiet some memory). This could happen even with lots of RAM installed, as the Windows version of the game used a 32-bit executable so far, which can only use a limited amount of the possibly very large amount of overall memory.

This problem has now been solved by compiling a 64-bit executable for the Windows platform, therefore making better use of the available memory.

In addition, this update also includes some minor corrections and bug fixes.

The updated Windows version of “R’n’D jue II” can now be downloaded from Jürgen Bonhagen’s web site in English and in German!