Rocks'n'Diamonds 0.9 released 25 years ago!

25 years ago to the day, the very first version 0.9 of Rocks’n’Diamonds was released!

Here’s the historic LSM (“Linux Software Map”) file used for the first release:

Title:          Rocks'n'Diamonds
Version:        0.9 (Pre-Release)
Entered-date:   23OCT95
Description:    Arcade style game for color X11 with stereo sounds.
                A game like "Boulderdash" (C=64) or "Emerald Mine" (Amiga).
                Sound server takes advantage of some features of VoxWare(tm),
                but works on plain /dev/audio, too.
                Comes with full source code.
Keywords:       game x11 boulderdash emeraldmine color stereo sound
Author: (Holger Schemel)
Maintained-by: (Holger Schemel)
Primary-site:  /pub/Linux/games/x11/video
                941953 rocks_n_diamonds-0.9.tgz
Alternate-site:  /contrib/games
                941953 rocks_n_diamonds-0.9.tar.gz
Platforms:      Should run on any UN*X system with color X11 (8bit or better).
                Expected to work on Linux, HP-UX, SUN, Net-BSD, AIX and IRIX.
                Linux binary included.
Copying-policy: Freely distributable copyrighted software

Interestingly, mirrors of the original FTP sites used for the initial release are still available (here and here), although they do not have the package file for the first version anymore, but only for the second version 0.9b (released a few days later).

Of course, the initial version 0.9 package is still available as a direct download from this web site, and the Git repository of Rocks’n’Diamonds has a special branch to compile the historic version with modern compilers and systems.

For nostalgic impressions, here are some screenshots of Rocks’n’Diamonds 0.9:

I wish you all a lot of fun playing Rocks’n’Diamonds also for the next 25 years! :-)