Emerald Mine Club level collection 3.0.0 released!

After many years of work, a major update of the Emerald Mine Club level collection is finally available!

The updated level collection contains 28 new level sets for the following Emerald Mine Club disks that were still missing before:

  • Bond Mine 19 - Xmas Mine III
  • Classic DenMine 1
  • Classic Green Stuff
  • Crazy Mine 2
  • DazelDash
  • Eat Mine Update
  • Emerald Mine Beetle
  • Emerald Nep 1
  • Freak Mine Super Pro
  • Haunted Mine 5
  • Head Mine
  • Kevin Mine 4 - 6
  • Kids Fun Mine And Beyond
  • Laser Mine 1 + 2
  • Pawn Mine
  • Revenge of the Yams 1
  • Rock’n’Roll Mine 1
  • Through The Chaos Caves 8 - 10, 17 - 20, 21

The new version of the Emerald Mine Club level collection therefore contains 53523 levels in 604 level sets now.

The new level collection also comes with completely updated artwork that tries to be as close as possible to the original Amiga game, especially regarding the in-game playfield dimensions which are now closer to the original game.

Another feature of this update are the newly converted sound effects, which not only have highly improved audio quality, but that come in two variants that can be selected from the game engines setup menu: You can either use the classic Amiga 500 style, low-pass filtered sounds, or enjoy the new Amiga 1200 style sounds with higher quality.

The original title screens and title messages of the original EMC disks are still part of this level collection.

Using the new native Emerald Mine engine (based on the game engine of David Tritscher’s “Emerald Mine for X11”, which was further improved for higher compatibility), even more levels are solvable now. This is proven by solution tapes for as many as 258 level sets that were recorded by Bela Lubkin and Ryan Pineda.

The updated Emerald Mine Club level collection package is available at the Levels & Artwork page!