Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

A new bugfix release is available with the following fixes and additions:

  • fixed bug with playing team mode tapes with changed visible playfield size
  • added patch mode to patch tapes to force visible playfield size of 34 x 34
  • added patch mode to automatically fix tapes for visible playfield size
  • fixed single step mode for R’n’D game engine when used in team mode
  • fixed triggering custom element actions by digging or collecting
  • added option in level editor to use time score for 1 or 10 seconds left
  • fixed time score for native Emerald Mine and Diamond Caves levels
  • fixed bug with screen keyboard still being active during request dialogs
  • fixed bug with screen keyboard causing overlay buttons to be disabled
  • added option to disable warning about read-only levels when entering editor
  • fixed bug with not updating game panel when leaving invisible warp mode
  • fixed displaying new high score entry if new entry is not on the first page
  • fixed graphical bug with envelope style request dialog after the game ended

Now available on the download page!