Emerald Mine Club level collection 3.1.1 released!

This is a minor update of the Emerald Mine Club level collection that contains the following changes:

  • level set “Freak Mine Super Pro” removed (duplicate of “Super Freak Mine Prof”)
  • level 3 of level set “Crystal Caverns 3” fixed
  • team mode tapes fixed for level set “Boulder Dash Professional”
  • more solution tapes added to the following level sets:
    • Ace Mine 1 (19 tapes)
    • Bobby Dash (3 tapes)
    • Diamond Mine (3 tapes)
    • Emerald Cruncher 1 (9 tapes)
    • Emerald Mine (1 tape)
    • Emerald Mine III (9 tapes)

The update is available at the Levels & Artwork page!