Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

A new minor release is available with the following additions and changes:

  • added “last played level sets” sub-menu to level set selection screen
  • added step delay option to custom element movement configuration
  • added support for left, middle or right mouse button for CE change events
  • added setup option to disable counting score after the game
  • added setup options to disable asking on quit game and on quit program
  • added graphics config option to support elements on non-black background; this feature can be activated by using “game.use_masked_elements: true” in the custom graphics configuration file
  • changed custom artwork list to tree structure similar to level sets, which is separated into three sub-trees for standalone artwork (not related to any level set), artwork that is configured to be used by certain level sets and artwork directly included in level sets (like title screens)
  • changed sorting and coloring in level sets menu and custom artwork menu
  • changed saving back artwork info cache only if it has changed
  • added support for persistent personal game data for the Emscripten platform
  • added support for using LLDB instead of GDB when debugging on the Mac
  • fixed two nasty bugs that could have crashed the game

For an instant preview, you can directly play the new version in your browser (and keep your progress, scores and settings), or download the game for your favorite platform!