Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

A new major release of Rocks’n’Diamonds is available, which finally comes with support for the new high score server, to save your high scores to a central server, and to also view other player’s high scores of the level you are just playing!

When starting the new version for the first time, you are offered to upload all your existing tapes to the high score server, so you don’t have to play and solve all those levels again to see them in the Hall of Fame! When done, the high score server will validate your scores and tapes (which takes some time, but usually not more than five to ten minutes, depending on the number of uploaded tapes in the queue), and then you and others can see them!

After successfully solving a level, your score and tape will also be sent to the high score server (you will be asked for permission the first time), so all your high scores for newly played and solved games will also be available on the high score server!

(If you don’t like the idea of your scores being sent to a server, you can just disable using the high score server in the setup menu, or just say “no” to uploading your scores and tapes when asked. The game won’t upload anything if you don’t want it, and you can still easily use R’n’D without ever using any remote server just like before.)

You can have a look at your and other player’s high scores at the Rocks’n’Diamonds high score server web site!

It does not only list all available high scores, but also all level sets and levels for which scores were uploaded, and the players who played them.

There are already thousands of high scores preloaded to the server, so you can already see entries in the Hall of Fame for many level sets!

If you want to check it out from the R’n’D perspective before installing the new version, just take a look at the browser version of Rocks’n’Diamonds!

The new version is available on the download page!