Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

A new minor release is available with the following additions and bug fixes:

  • added check for custom elements being “next to” player or element
  • added graphics animation mode “tiled” for tiled graphics on elements
  • added graphics animation mode “random_static” (unchanged for each tile)
  • added additional empty space elements that can be graphically decorated
  • added counting mouse clicks on mouse click CEs when using step counter
  • added showing mouse cursor for levels with mouse click custom elements
  • fixed bug with playing sound and music loops on the music info screen

This release has some new features worth mentioning for creators of both levels and custom graphics. The new custom element condition “next to” is different to the already existing CE conditions in that it not only allows to react to events, but also to static game engine conditions, namely to game elements being next to other game elements (or the player). Before, it was only possible to check for game states that resulted from moving or changing elements, which was sufficient for many cases, but not all.

Another important enhancement are the new “empty space elements”, which behave exactly like the normal, single empty space element, but can be customized with custom graphics or animations, offering new possibilities to create level graphics design without the usual black background.

This can be combined with two new graphics animation modes: “tiled” to use larger bitmaps to decorate patterns of the same element in a level, and “random_static” which works like the already existing “random” graphics, but does not change on the same level position during the game.

Some example custom artworks and levels that illustrate the new features will be published together with the announcement post for this new version in the forum.

The new version is available on the download page!