The Rocks'n'Diamonds Manual finally released!

In the last years, Rocks’n’Diamonds was getting more and more complex, but there was only very few documentation available for it. Many people asked for a manual that would explain things that are hidden or less self-explaining.

Finally, Francesco S. Carta took a lot of time and effort and created The Rocks’n’Diamonds Manual!

This great new manual currently consists of the following four parts:

  • The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    This part was really needed, and it hopefully answers most questions that are asked again and again in the forum and by personal mail (including the famous “How does snapping work?” question).

  • The Program Manual
    This is the main part of the manual and describes the installation of the game, gives an overview of the menu structure (and especially describes the various options in the setup menu), the tape recorder, where your levels are installed and how to create your own level sets.

  • The Elements Reference
    This is a description of most game elements and how they interact with other elements, grouped by element type. In many cases this is more helpful than the single element descriptions in the level editor.

  • The Editor Tutorial
    This detailed description of the level editor not only shows how to use the various “drawing” functions (including information about the not-so-obvious aspects of some of the tools), but also explains in detail how to edit element properties, including a section about custom element programming, which makes it possible to create completely new game elements with unique, new features.

All four parts are also accessible from the manual’s start page.

Francesco has done a great job with the creation of this manual! Thanks a lot for contributing this outstanding work to the R’n’D project!

Also available from the Documentation section!