Second pre-release of Rocks'n'Diamonds available!

The second pre-release of the upcoming new major release version is available for testing now!

It contains the following additions and fixes:

  • added support for opening level set zip files in Android version
  • added UTF-8 support for cave names in BDCFF files
  • added setup option for fast game start from level editor
  • added precedence of game keys over speed/debug keys when playing
  • added checking availability of level specific colors in level editor
  • added using masked drawing for player on walkable tiles in BD engine
  • added snapshot support for BD engine
  • added single step support for BD engine
  • added checking for help anim/text files in different locations
  • improved converting BD game engine elements for R’n’D game engine
  • improved smooth movement animation for classic BD scheduling types
  • improved smooth movement animation for BD engine (complete rewrite)
  • changed defaults for falling element sounds in BD engine
  • changed default game cycle delay value for BD engine
  • fixed showing level in cave names for BDCFF cave sets without levels
  • fixed score time for BD engine
  • fixed cave flashing on open outbox for non-black cave background color
  • fixed player entering pot when using smooth movement
  • fixed graphical bug when snap-pushing with smooth movement in BD engine
  • fixed bugs with wrong newline handling in envelopes (game and editor)

Now available from the download page!