Pre-release 3 of Rocks'n'Diamonds available!

The 3rd pre-release of the upcoming new major release version is available for testing now!

It contains the following additions and fixes:

  • added support for smooth movement on conveyor belts in BD engine
  • added BD default graphics for chasing rock and cracking nut
  • added reading (more) scanned BD elements from BDCFF files
  • added BD file format specific hacks (for things like diagonal movement)
  • added support for zero delay for gravitation switch in BD engine
  • changed some names and descriptions for some BD style game elements
  • fixed speed of conveyor belt default animation for BD engine
  • fixed various edge cases for smooth movement animation for BD engine
  • fixed bug causing BD engine hanging in wrap-around scrolling edge case
  • fixed bug with smooth movement speed in BD engine after wrapping around
  • fixed BD elements at wrap-around cave position killing player instantly
  • fixed broken scrollbar in hall of fame after playing with small graphics

Make sure to also update the BD level collection to the latest version (see the BD forum annoucement).

Now available from the download page!