Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

A new minor release version is available which contains the following changes:

  • added highlighting similar elements in editor when pressing Alt+Shift keys
  • added highlighting single MM wall tiles in editor when pressing Alt key
  • added options “played_header” and “played” to music file info
  • added support for custom elements triggering global animations
  • added support for CE change pages triggering global animations
  • added setting global animation position from CE triggering that animation
  • added option to not trigger further animations if CE change event consumed
  • added pausing global animations on playfield if game engine is paused
  • added new animation mode “level_nr” to select frame according to level
  • added selecting element for group elements according to current level
  • added options “game.forced_scroll_x” and “game.forced_scroll_y”
  • fixed drawing (maybe redefined) empty space around MM style level in editor
  • fixed crash bug on info screen if music set has no unconfigured music
  • fixed bugs when using music sets without unconfigured game music
  • fixed broken animation of CE that can not change, but has CE delay action
  • fixed bug with checking for mouse events used by custom elements
  • fixed playfield redraw bug when closing envelope after asking to play again
  • fixed setting global animation sync frame when started with “.init_event”
  • fixed one-frame delay when global animations leave “init” state
  • fixed CE condition that checks touching the player at some side
  • fixed drawing envelope request to be always on top of tile cursor
  • fixed drawing envelope request to be always on top of global animations
  • fixed bug with CE change setting the player to its current position
  • fixed bug with CE replacing exploding player, causing half-dead player
  • fixed broken player option “no centering when relocating”
  • fixed half-tile shifting when teleporting between playfield borders
  • fixed bug with using wrong global border when restarting the game

The new version is available from the download page!