Level sets of Andreas Buschbeck re-released!

This is the first in a series of planned re-releases of level sets for Rocks’n’Diamonds, to make those level sets easier to install and play, and to add features and other stuff that may have been missing in the original releases by their authors.

We will start with the level sets of Andreas Buschbeck, which were released on his web site for the first time in 2003. Andreas Buschbeck has created five classic style level sets with custom artwork and sound. As a hobby musician and trance DJ, he also added excerpts of his music to his level sets, which fit well to his level sets and which are grouped into three custom music sets (which can, as with all custom artwork sets in Rocks’n’Diamonds, also be used with other level sets).

However, not only is his web site down for many years now (and the broken link to it on the “Levels & Artwork” page has been replaced with a link to the last snapshot of his web site on, but also his level sets with custom graphics, sounds and music were scattered over many different packages, which made it a bit complicated to install and play them in Rocks’n’Diamonds.

For a more convenient user experience, all level sets, graphics, sounds and music sets have been put together into one single package, which can easily be installed and played. As an extra bonus to the already released four level sets, an additional, previously unreleased fifth level set (“AB Levelset 0”, which is more of a prequel level set to the other four sets) with 80 levels and different graphics, created in 2002, has been added to this collection, which also contains solution tapes for all included levels.

You can download Andreas Buschbeck’s level sets here or from the “Levels & Artwork” section!

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

Please download and use this patch release as soon as possible, as it fixes a major problem with generating unique player IDs for the high score server.

The resulting problems with assigning scores and player names on the high score server caused by this bug have already been fixed on the server itself, but to be able to rename your player in R’n’D and still have all your scores associated with your changed player name, you have to upgrade to this new R’n’D version which fixes the problem also on the client side.

Now available from the download page!

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This patch release fixes problems with receiving (slightly) larger responses from the high score server, causing high score lists with many entries to be cut off after a few dozen entries. For example, you should see all 100 score entries for the tutorial level set “Niko Böhm’s Tutorial” (which is the default level set shown when Rocks’n’Diamonds is started for the first time), while you will only see less than half of that in most cases with previous versions. This new release fixes this problem, and shows all score entries.

Now available from the download page!

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This is a patch release which improves robustness of tape uploads to the new high score server, which is especially useful if you have a huge amount of tapes and experience problems when uploading them, which resulted in trying to upload every tape again (even those that were already uploaded successfully). This version keeps track of already uploaded tapes and only uploads the remaining tapes after an interruption.

In addition, any tapes that are not uploaded later after solving a level (for example, if you are playing offline in a plane, or if you have temporarily disabled use of the high score server) are marked for upload now, and you are asked to upload these missing tapes later. In such cases, you can also upload missing tapes from the setup menu whenever you like.

By the way: Since the release of version and the high score server last week, there are already over 60’000 score entries for over 700 level sets available on the server now!

Get the new version from the download page!

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

A new major release of Rocks’n’Diamonds is available, which finally comes with support for the new high score server, to save your high scores to a central server, and to also view other player’s high scores of the level you are just playing!

When starting the new version for the first time, you are offered to upload all your existing tapes to the high score server, so you don’t have to play and solve all those levels again to see them in the Hall of Fame! When done, the high score server will validate your scores and tapes (which takes some time, but usually not more than five to ten minutes, depending on the number of uploaded tapes in the queue), and then you and others can see them!

After successfully solving a level, your score and tape will also be sent to the high score server (you will be asked for permission the first time), so all your high scores for newly played and solved games will also be available on the high score server!

(If you don’t like the idea of your scores being sent to a server, you can just disable using the high score server in the setup menu, or just say “no” to uploading your scores and tapes when asked. The game won’t upload anything if you don’t want it, and you can still easily use R’n’D without ever using any remote server just like before.)

You can have a look at your and other player’s high scores at the Rocks’n’Diamonds high score server web site!

It does not only list all available high scores, but also all level sets and levels for which scores were uploaded, and the players who played them.

There are already thousands of high scores preloaded to the server, so you can already see entries in the Hall of Fame for many level sets!

If you want to check it out from the R’n’D perspective before installing the new version, just take a look at the browser version of Rocks’n’Diamonds!

The new version is available on the download page!